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What is SPARK CEO?

Spark CEO is a collaboration between Micah Gives and other youth created/operated companies to ASSIST in highlighting the good that other youth are bringing out into our world.  These companies would be featured on the yearly Mighy List as a who's who list of businesses and non profits owned by other youth that are making an impact.


Spark CEO is an initiative designed to recognize and celebrate young entrepreneurs. This concept draws inspiration from similar programs that honor young professionals and leaders however, it specifically targets young CEOs and business leaders who are still children or teenagers. The primary objectives of this initiative are to bring awareness to their brands and inspire other youth to embark on their personal entrepreneurial journeys.


Here's how SPARK CEO works:


Nomination and Selection Process: The initiative starts with a nomination and selection process. Members of the public, industry experts, and mentors could nominate young CEOs who have demonstrated exceptional business acumen and success.


Age Criteria: To qualify for the recognition, nominees must be under the age of 18 at the founding of the company.


Entrepreneurial Achievements: Nominees should have notable achievements in their entrepreneurial journey, such as starting and successfully running a business, inventing a product, creating a brand, or making a significant impact in their industry.


Awareness Campaigns: The initiative would promote the selected Kid CEOs and their brands through various awareness campaigns. This could include features in newspapers, magazines, online publications, and on social media platforms.


Community Involvement: The initiative could organize community events, workshops, and seminars where Kid CEOs share their stories and experiences with local youth. This can help inspire and empower other young individuals to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.


Long-Term Impact Assessment: Continuously assess the long-term impact of the initiative by tracking the progress and achievements of the recognized Kid CEOs and the influence they have on encouraging other youth to explore their entrepreneurial journeys.

The Mighty List: The nominee must already be a member of The Mighty List to be apply for nomination. 

In summary, Spark Ceo aims to celebrate and support young entrepreneurs who have achieved remarkable success at a young age. By recognizing their accomplishments and sharing their stories, the initiative can inspire other youth to pursue their entrepreneurial ambitions, foster a culture of innovation, and contribute to the development of the next generation of business leaders.

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