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Micah Gives FAQs

As our world continues to evolve mental health and self care are becoming highly discussed topics without our society. Our dependence on social media, 3D realities, and the internet in general is without a doubt changing our children’s mental health experiences. 
Also, with the rise of cyber bullying through social media and online gaming we want to help. 
The Mighty Crew is all about reenforcing healthy mental habits. Just as we teach good hygiene and good study habits to help prepare our children for life, our team feels that teaching mentally healthy habits are just as important as teaching brushing your teeth twice a day, exercising for at least 30 minutes, or getting 8 hours of sleep. 
We feel that if we can create healthy mental habits early in life we will be able to help fuel a mentally healthier generation. 

Is this program only for children that are struggling mentally or physically? 


Not at all! Our goal is to help everyone Be Brave. Some children may have a diagnosis of anxiety or some other mental health concern and we are so glad to have them join us as well!


What do you mean “training”?


We have several psychologist, curriculum experts, teachers, and adolescent behavioral specialists working with us to create fun and interactive programming for children from 5-18. They will engage in virtual gaming, receive challenges to complete over a designated time period in their own homes, hear stories of other children and how they are using their mental health training in their every day lives. 


Will this be virtual or in person? 


In order to reach as many members as possible in a safe way all events will be virtual unless otherwise noted. 


Will I ever have to pay for this? 


NO! Micah Gives is a program of Brittany Speaks, a 501(c)3 charity. You are welcome to make donations but you will never be charged for membership to the Mighty Crew.  


How long will my child be a member?


They will be members until their 18th birthday & of course we’re sending a gift! You may unenroll your child at any time. 


How long is training?


Our trainings vary from info they might receive in the mail, to online games, and online video calls so your child can dedicate as much or as little time as they choose. 

What will my child learn? 


  • Self love

  • Acceptance of self and others

  • Positive expression of feelings

  • Confidence building

  • Coping skills for depression & anxiety

  • Respect of self and others

  • Empathy

  • Kindness for self and others

We want to help you be informed and stay completely transparent when it comes to interacting with your children. So we wanted to make sure that we answer as many questions as possible to help making your decision of join the Mighty Crew easier than ever. If you have any others questions please contact us

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