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Color Bombs

How it' started!

A quick timeline of events leading up to creation of Micah Gives


Micah's Early Years

Born 6 weeks early Micah was always a curious and fun kid. His mom Brittany suffered a heart attack during labor so Micah has always been a conciencious and empathic boy. After he and his mom were released from the Newborn ICU and the Cardic ICU they resume life together with Micah's dad Ben.


2012-Micah's Mommy had a defibrillator that shocked her back to life so she spent a lot of time in the hospital. 


2016- Micah's Mommy got a machine heart that let her go to back to Micah and watch him grow.  

2018- Micah's Mommy got a call that they had a new heart and she could a have a heart transplant. 

Micah's 10th Birthday

During Micah's 10th birthday (2020) Covid was raging we could have the party that we had promised him so instead a created a wish list and asked 10 people to buy things from him. Instead of getting 10 boxes, he got 73! From that moment he decided that he wanted to help other kids feel that way as well so Micah Gives was created on his 10th Birthday.

Micah's 12th Birthday

We hosted the very first Micah Gives event with over 70 Kids attending and it was a huge success! 

Micahs 13th Birthday

We're planning our next big thing as we continue to perfect our current programs. 

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