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The High Five for Parents

Parent FAQs

What is The High Five Club? 

The High Five is a virtual club that is creating a safe space to intentionally teach, model, and practice Love, Respect, Empathy, Acceptance, and Kindness. 

How often are the meetings?

The meetings will take place once a month for 1 hour each via a virtual meeting platform. 

Will there be an adult present in the meeting? 

YES! A High Five Coach will always be present in the meeting to conduct the games, social activities, and any other events that are scheduled for that month's meeting. 

What are my responsibilities as a parent?

Once you have your child registered, unless you have any questions for us we won't need anything else from you! You may email us at if you have any questions or concerns!

Also if you need to change any info on your child's membership or cancel please do not hesitate to email us and we'll be happy to help!

What else can I expect?

Weekly High Five challenges that will help to practice the High Five Attributes

Opportunities to jump into online games during the week to play with High Five friends

A High Five Buddy to help develop social skills and make new friends

A High Five Club T-Shirt


Mindfulness and self awareness exercises to practice during the month


A safe space with no bullying 

Great growth and fun 

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